Friday, June 24, 2005

Beacons of Hope in the Dark of Despair

I haven't written an article in a while, and following out recent spat with the Pacific Underground (here), the global situation is an apt subject.

In the North Pacific, the delegate installed by order of the ADN (though I note The West Pacific and a number of other regions supported Thel Dran against Stars of Sky) gets ever nearer the ban button as the new endorsement tallies are released. At least that is the news on the grapevine, true or not. Panic was in fact the word used of the state of mind of the North Pacific delegate.

Let's air the conspiracy theory that was on everyone's mind a while ago. Stars of Sky is accused of being Swath of Nasicournian Intelligence. The unmasking of Nasicournian ambition was supposed to be a result of a failing ADN and a will on the part of the Nasicournians to establish a new alliance to which they could jump ship when the time came. The resources of a feeder based army were to be part of that.

The ADN lackeys (for example Joop) are currently doing their level best to discredit Thel Dran as an alternative to the Stars of Sky regime with which there is growing discontent. This is despite Thel's stated desire not to run for the delegacy.

With such wild ideas flying around, some of them not impossible, one wonders how stable the North Pacific will remain in the foreseeable future and who will pick up the pieces. Stagnation is dangerous in this situation as it lowers the number of people paying attention, opening holes in the community that can be exploited by those who seek power for its own sake.

This is not the only region which is suffering difficulty. Drunken Conquerors is giving Kandarin in The Rejected Realms a run for his money. The self-styled democrat of the RR is endorsement swapping like there is no tomorrow. The ADN have announced they will support Kandarin's endorsements by force if necessary. Drunken Conquerors and his PDP aim to establish a democratically elected delegate which changes often, to prevent cliques and cults of personality. How much of this can be taken at face value is questionable - but it is clear than no-one is happy with interference in the RR by the ADN.

Where that not enough to concern all those who question the correctness of the current ordering of the world, the ASE recently incurred the wrath of the Pacific Underground. The eponymous member of The Pacific Underground registered on the ASE forums after Karpathos pointed out to Danitoria and myself that TPU member Dunbar had been writing unmitigated nonsense about the ASE on a forum we didn't even know existed. Linked in the first paragraph is both the article and the responses from various ASE members.

TPU signed up to the ASE forum and immediately queried whether or not it was custom to treat foreign dignitaries in such a fashion. Well, I don't think it is but certainly when such dignitaries are part of an organisation that has never made representation to the ASE but instead chooses to cower in the shadows and throw mud, a rough ride is to be expected for late-despatched diplomats who come with no apology as though nothing has been done that is wrong.

So, with some light cast upon various parts of the world, it is time to get to the point.

What is it about the Allied States of EuroIslanders that excites such hostility among the ADN and their puppets in the Pacific Underground?

It can't be our policies - despite the lambasting in that article by Dunbar in TPU, the ASE has always been upfront and open about our will to engage with the Pacific and give them reasons to become democratic and open. The ASE is of course not the only region to do this - yet it consistently recieves most flak from the underinformed.


This explains the title of the article. We aren't shadow walkers. We are sure of purpose. We have a clear unity bred by friendship. These things mark us as different from many other regions. Dealing behind closed doors is the stock-in-trade of the Pacific Underground, or so they say, with unveiled allusions to other forums, which form the core of their organisation. Is it any wonder they are no threat to a Pacific which is liberalising?

The ASE has never stood for the transfer of power from one elite to another; our point of view on the Pacific would allow Unlimited or other dedicated Pacificans to be elected to the delegacy, depending on the support they had in the community that is built on the offsite forum which makes up the Pacific. The Pacific has a community which has existed for a long time now - it is the place of no person to destroy it. The point is to make it so that new members are swiftly integrated and can rise in the ranks according to their merit and their will to push the Pacific along the road to progress and the normalisation of relations with the rest of the world.

Certainly this is a more logical attitude to the Pacific when compared to the idea of Dunbar that the free world should be at war with the Pacific. The combined armies of TITO, the ADN, ALL, RLA, EAA and UoS would still probably not be able to oust Unlimited.

I've been told by members of TPU that the ASE is not important and that whether we side with them is of little importance. I think they lie. The bitterness that inflects the article on TPU and the replies of TPU members to those of the ASE is testament to our clarity of thinking and our ideals of peace, freedom and democracy. Ideals which the ADN would do well to mirror in their own backyard. The backwards religious muppets who infested that organisation would do well to remember the quote, "Cast the mote..."


Blogger Anarchotopia said...

Calling the TPU puppets of the ADN is more than a little far fetched. The ADN is as puzzled by them as you, me or anyone else. Perhaps your question about the views of the ASE could be asked in reverse, why if the ASE have such purpose etc do they care about what the ADN does?

9:59 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

We don't. It's that simple.

The ASE at the RLA has always pursued a policy of self-sufficiency, to avoid such blunders as giving the ADN access to any top level intelligence operations.

Independently, we've always sought to oppose tyranny and undemocratic government regardless of whether it is found in defender or Pacific circles or anywhere else. Therein lies our only concern with the ADN and it is peripheral.

Except when they decide to attack our region or our members.

When I say ADN, for the record, I do of course mean ADN heirarchy. Most of the members at the ADN haven't a clue what the so called leaders get up to.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Anarchotopia said...

So, would you say that the average member/member region is ignorant of what the so called ADN leaders do? Is it an conscieous effort on their part to exclude or a simple oversight in giving out status reports?

6:27 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Status reports have bugger all to do with decision making. Status reports are diplomatic, involving neither military nor intelligence resources and as such are the basic bureaucracy of NS. One of those could be delivered to every nation every day and it wouldn't change the nature of the ADN.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Anarchotopia said...

What decision making?

12:13 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Decision making such as, for example, releasing classified intelligence in a childish attempt to get revenge for RF's effectiveness against the ADN.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Anarchotopia said...

I thought the reason given was that it compromised ADN security. Sounds likes a reasonable justification to me. IF the situation was reversed what would you do?

8:32 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

I wouldn't have screwed over people who were meant to be my allies; I would have gone over RF's head and obtained a specific order not to 'compromise ADN security' - which was easily possible since Blackbird is usually amenable to his ADN buddies.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Anarchotopia said...

Thank you for your answers, I've no further question on this topic.

12:19 PM  

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