Thursday, June 02, 2005


Musing on the recent events in the sister region of the ASE, The Proletariat Coalition, it occurs to me that the words of Danitoria regarding the success of NationStates being the sense of community it creates have never been more applicable.

The region has gone through turmoil after turmoil. The arrival of Anarchotopia at TPC and the diplomatic offensives of Blackbird, myself, Xha'dam and Danitoria began one turmoil - the fight to get the Charter of the RLA ratified. This resulted in lots of posting battles between Southern Tasmania and myself - and not a little anger on both sides, clearly expressed in the posts themselves. Then came the issue of joining the ADN. Then the issue of martial law at the ADN. All this was set against a backdrop of the newer members, The Red Factions and Dobbyniania, wanting greater accountability, devolved executive power and open forums.

The most recent issue is but the cream on the coffee that was poured when TPC withdrew from the ADN, the foreign policies of the old guard of TPC discredited by the actions of ADN leaders Unistrut and Pope Hope. In addition to this, the clear siding of Anarchotopia with the ADN by calling TRF an invader (in the ADN Council, I believe) ignited a sharp spat. Soviet Sexy Girls was just telling me yesterday how Dalioranium has left the region because of the personal squabbles that have started between supporters of different factions.

The issue itself is one of access. Dobbyniania, The Red Factions and others maintain that the entire archive of TPC dealings plus the secure Red Room should be declassified. The new constitution of TPC allows the Popular Assembly to do pretty much as it likes and the two pioneers of the new style of democracy in TPC have already secured a vote in their favour in the Assembly. Blackbird and Peaceful Minds plus a handful of others maintain that what was written in the Red Room (material which is transfered to the archive occasionally) was written in private and that the Assembly does not have the right to pass retroactive legislation, publicising work which Blackbird and the other members of the Red Room believed would be forever private.

All this seems have resulted in the resignation of Anarchotopia from the Proletariat Coalition and his move to the Alliance of Socialist States. It really goes to show just how right I was about him; I warned the members of TPC that Anarchotopia, once TPC was out of the ADN, would find a convenient time to jump ship, like the rat he is. But I digress.

The Court in TPC has not yet reached a verdict: no doubt there is plenty of time remaining in the trial. The Judges have however expressed some glimpses of their own opinions. Star City and HyperCube seem to think declassification is legal whilst Mathom and Universal Acceptance challenge this idea. All this internal strife might well explain why The Proletariat Coalition is not occupying the position it usually does at the RLA. Blackbird, Dobbyniania and The Red Factions seem to make up the majority of the contingent that once included Peaceful Minds, Anarchotopia, Ketoprofen, Paranoidm, Universal Acceptance, Soviet Sexy Girls and Jako.

At the RLA, Blackbird will be contesting his current position of Director of Red Liberty Intelligence once again, though it may be that The Red Factions also contests this position as a direct attempt to curtail the influence of Blackbird. It has been mentioned that Blackbird might leave TPC. This is not, in my opinion, a valid course of action. Regions can't be chopped and changed just because you don't agree with certain things happening within the region. Blackbird is a giant with many contacts and he serves the RLA best as its Director of Intelligence. It occurs to me to wonder whether a more diplomatic solution could not have been found to this issue rather than forcing a split in the region using popular vote.

The title of this article is community. Regional government exists to present a united face to the outside world. They don't exist to beat one subset of membership over the head with. The meaning of community is to be able to reach agreement or compromise on the basis of continued friendship. When community is lost, power struggle รก la The North Pacific begins. It is my hope that TPC will resolve this issue and move on swiftly.


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