Thursday, June 02, 2005

First Post

I noticed a particular pretentious git try and pass off his blog as the 'random musings of Nation States elder Statesman' (see here) . I found this amusing on the basis that statesmen are so defined because they rise above partisan politics to come to the aid of the state, because the state is a just end. Enter rant on Hobbes and Locke here. As a Marxist I defend no state. Marxists are charged with the defence of ideas and the putting of those ideas into practice, to the detriment of the state, if necessary.

Ideas are what prompted me into creating my own blog, which will be put at the disposal of the region known as the Allied States of EuroIslanders, for the purpose of articles outlining ideas, either in practice or in theory, that might make the NationStates world more democratic, more inclusive and return the emphasis of the game from backdoor dealings to the upfront decision making that has characterised the Red Liberty Alliance thus far.

None of us can help that we have enmities developed by this game. Opposing view points, opposing methods of dealing with things and simple personality clashes ensure that there will always be political backbiting. In order to succeed in NationStates however, I contend that it is not necessary for us to take part in it. The RLA, for example, has always been upfront about its opinions: generally themed, these include: crush invaders; detente with peaceable capitalist organisations; stay clear of the miserable manipulations of anyone who indulges in that sort of thing; be pro-democracy and finally, keep member regions strong.

Recently it seems that a lack of activity in certain quarters of the game has resulted in things being decided between members in private. This is not our way. In the Allied States of EuroIslanders, we have a court process called the Euthynai.
Members of the ASE might find it of interest to note that the translation of 'Euthynai' is 'scrutiny.' I hope all those who join me in this endeavour will see it as their duty to shine a light on the places anyone wishes to keep hidden from democratic scrutiny.


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