Thursday, June 16, 2005

What to do with the Big, Bad, Wolf

It is a peaceful time again in NationStates, or at least as peaceful as it ever gets while there are still people in the North Pacific. Raider activity, and competence, is in decline, regions are growing once more through summer recruitment, and the peaceful transitions of power we call elections are being conducted across the democratic world. In these times of peace, those who define themselves by the threats to their power have gone back to their favorite pastime, scaring the hell out of you. That's right, with the rest of the world ticking along without serious issues, someone, somewhere, decided we need to do something about the Pacific; again.

As with all things in NationStates, everyone seems to recognize the problem but nobody can agree on the solution. Let us take for granted that the People's Republic of the Pacific is a tyrannical, restrictive, dictatorship that has been around for ages. While there is some disagreement as to the cause of this, it is still widely agreed that such is the situation we are dealing with. All across NationStates it is being asked, what do we do with the big, bad wolf?

For every problem we will find, both in NationStates and the real world, someone is selling a solution. One solution that some are peddling is to incite riot and revolution in the Pacific through a PR campaign to the natives. Despite the titanic failure of this policy in the past, the supporters of this line of thought will declare this time to be different; which is true as in the past when this was tried they had the support of the entire defender community where as now most of the defenders recognize it won't work. In fact, the results of the first major effort in this regard can still be seen today. The legacy of the first attempt to overthrow the North Pacific Order, as it was called then, by revolution lives on today as the ban list cap at 200. The revolution at the time resulted in hundreds, if not the rumored thousands, of ejections and bannings from the Pacific. And behold, the dictatorship ticked on.

Still others are calling for a compromise approach between force and diplomacy. They are calling for us to isolate the Pacific diplomatically and then use promises of future fruits to make them change their ways. All of this hinges upon presenting a united front in isolating the Pacific, which, obviously, will never happen. The so-called "unsavory elements" of NationStates, which I will pass no personal judgments on here, of which those pushing for Pacific reform like to complain about the Pacific dealing with, the Union of Sovereigns, raiders, and the like, most certainly will not agree to do this because to do so would be extremely disadvantageous for them. Under this scenario you have an isolated superpower looking for whatever friends it can find and the "unsavory elements" are going to flock to it to build their own power and prestige, which is more or less what happened in the form of the Union of Sovereigns to begin with. For those keeping score, we are now up to two solutions that have been widely tried in the defender community that have had results widely agreed to be negative.

Other ideas have been tossed around, such as running black ops, but these tend to rely on principle of the first two that made them a failure. So far, there has only been one strategy that has been put forward that has any chance to make the changed in the PRP that we desire. So what do we do with the big, bad, wolf? Maybe we could try talking to it.

As the ASE have done for a very long time, we are championing the idea of using diplomacy to help reform the Pacific. Offering them a chance to have new and better friends than the "unsavory elements" of NationStates that the defender community complains about. Offer them a chance to expand their influence on the world stage. Offer them protection from those nations who have turned this into a personal vendetta to hurt the individual members of the PRP rather than do anything to help the natives. All we need ask in exchange for all of this is democratic reform.

The usual response to this logic is to claim that we are asking them to give up their power and that is something they will never do. If you read the above paragraph again, there is nothing in there that declares that they must give up their power. Democracy does not mean, as some suggest it does, that Unlimited cannot keep a leadership role in the Pacific. The Red Liberty Alliance is a democracy through and through, however, that does not mean that certain nations like Blackbird of the Proletariat Coalition and EuroSoviets of the Allied States of EuroIslanders, do not engage in leadership roles in helping to make the RLA an ever stronger and more effective player in the global community. Even in democracy there is room for nations who go above and beyond the call of duty to guide the organization to their vision. There is absolutely no reason the Pacific need be different.

Beyond this, diplomacy has resulted in positive change in the Pacific in the past. Recently BlackAdder, PRP Senator with whom the ASE has excellent relations with, championed a landmark free speech case in the Pacific which set a tremendous precedent in giving the right to speak ones mind to the natives. I think it no coincidence this right was returned to the natives at a time in which the defender community has come to the epiphany that they will be more inclined to reform when they are treated in a courteous, professional, and dare I say, diplomatic fashion by the rest of the community. By demonstrating we are willing to work with them for change that is beneficial to all instead of cramming change down their throat without regard to what they think of it, we can achieve a free and democratic Pacific state. If we insist on trying to beat them into submission, all that will happen is more hurt feelings and bad blood will emerge on both sides.

The logical and correct course of action for those members out to create real reform and democracy in the Pacific is clear and that path is diplomacy.


Blogger Dissident Voice said...

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4:10 PM  
Blogger Anarchotopia said...

Indeed, much more fun that NationStates to be sure!;)

6:44 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

My my, what constructive comments. And one of them came from A. There's something you don't see every day; A making a constructive comment.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Dissident Voice said...

I know it's very peculiar. But in all truthfulness I thought the peice was quite good.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Anarchotopia said...

LOL oneday you'll have more than two gears (arrogance and patronisation) Dave!

11:28 AM  

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