Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why Blackbird?

All members will clearly see this is a personal post, so I should expect there will be no complaints about using ASE media for the advancement of my own point of view. That is, after all what this blog is for - not just my point of view but ANY point of view that can be included under the banner, whether opposing mine or not.

The first time I met Blackbird, I was suspicious of him. He had just become delegate of The Proletariat Coalition and had replaced Jako, the former delegate, as TPC's representative to the MASS Alliance. More reserved than Jako had been (Jako was a Labourite and he and I argued constantly), I was worried that this new delegate of the ASE's closest ally was a bit of a lame duck. It didn't take me long to realise how wrong I was.

Allied States of EuroIslanders and The Proletariat Coalition were unquestionably the dominant regions of the MASS Alliance and the first issue this new representative to the only socialist organisation in NationStates was the war with the Atlantic Alliance, a bunch of invaders who had attacked Cuba but had been spectacularly repulsed by a fifty-nation taskforce led by Danitoria and including such diverse (and hitherto unknown) agencies such as the ADN, the Freedom Alliance, USA, GLA and the Sardaukar Confederate Defence Trust. Incidentally it was this which first catapulted the ASE on to the global stage, and which re-catapulted TPC back onto said stage.

Blackbird was not to be outdone by the intelligence operation I led using Socialist Switzerland (I became delegate of the invader region Leichtenstein, infiltrated AA at the highest level and blew all their invasions ruthlessly before I was caught). Using his nation Cortath, which is currently a member of The Meritocracy, he infiltrated the Atlantic Alliance, rose to the leadership of a division and survived long after I'd been caught. Having pretended to defect from TPC, Blackbird secured their trust and performed a service to the NS world by providing the intelligence that led to the victory of the ADN and the MASS Alliance in the war against the AA.

This was indicative of the road Blackbird was to follow to become a master of Intelligence Operations. A string of successful operations later, organised by Blackbird during his three terms as Delegate of TPC, saw Blackbird rise to prominence among defenders. He was always more respected, if less overtly powerful, than myself because of the moderation of his tone. We served as a good counterbalance to one another in the RLA, fire and ice.

Xha'dam, Danitoria, myself and Blackbird set up the RLA to replace the MASS Alliance (which we feared to be riddled with spies and with lax security). The problems of the old were not to follow us to the new organisation and thanks to Blackbird's security, new members of the RLA were screened and those who could view intelligence operations were very carefully monitored, ensuring the RLA intelligence was of the quality that could later place The Red Factions in such a position as to rise to the position of Field Marshal of DEN.

The RLA is now about a year and two months old and Blackbird has been Director of Intelligence since the founding of the office two Executive Committee terms ago, when he was elected in good faith to serve the RLA by leading that which he had led at the Meritocracy as Quaestor: Intelligence operations. Using a plethora of contacts, Blackbird kept RLA diplomats informed of all important developments globally. It is in this light that I present to you, Blackbird of The Proletariat Coalition, standing for his third term as Director of Red Liberty Intelligence. The most contacts. The most experience. The best man for the job.

Vote Blackbird!