Monday, July 04, 2005

Alas for Hellas

The Jolly Roger raider group have acknowledged that the United Cyprus Front was in fact a convenient cloak of opportunity for their invasion and occupation of Greece; the World Factbook Entry of Greece now declaims the real identity of the army that swept into Greece and occupied the delegate spot, ousting and ejecting Nikolaos the Great who was relatively inactive while Greek President Karpathos was himself holidaying.

Pacific forces and RLA forces co-operated on the morning after the invasion in an effort to steal a quick march on the invaders but were repelled by an active delegate. Co-operation efforts continue and RLA Intelligence two days ago noted the intervention of fascists in the invasion, when they moved into support the invader delegate, Pistachio Ice Cream.

With Union Representatives discussing the disestablishment of the Union of Sovereigns and the Pacific Militia taking what might be its first tentative steps onto the world stage as a defender force, it is to be hoped that such hardship as now exists in the PRP ally Greece will educate the Pacificans as to the need for an inter-regional defender force bringing in all non-aligned regions as well as the behemoth armies of the RLA, the ADN and so on.

Of course when I say defender I mean preventing regions like Greece from falling under the boot of invaders, preservation of regional sovereignty and nothing else, before some wily member of the Pacific turns up to remind me of their general opinion on the ADN specifically. Alas for the Hellenic natives.

Despite the warnings of Karpathos and his threat to impeach Nik if he asked for ADN help, the ADN still have a liberation thread in the AIA, though it is unknown if or when the ADN itself will begin a liberation effort. The stiff demands of the ADN upon the request for help by Nikolaos was just another milestone on the rocky relationship between Greece and the Alliance Defense Network.

As an interesting addendum, the supposedly defender region Aurora has been attempting to stir up trouble in the defender community by starting rumours in different parts of NationStates that the invasion of Greece was ordered by Unistrut. I will watch with interest to see if these claims can be proven for they are serious, regardless of the acceptance by the Jolly Roger of responsibility for the raid.


Blogger Anarchotopia said...

Hmmmm rumours that implicate Uni/ADN and rumours that implicate the Urbanites/ seems there is a third force out there trying to undermine and play on some very old hostilities.

Interesting that in the wake of the Greece situation we have the RKKA using my name to stir up problems between the Moldav Pact and the RLA. Yet more attempts to use old grievances against ourselves...

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