Thursday, July 28, 2005

State of Play

With a particularly masculine-looking Pierconium/Borogravia-Moldavi just re-positioned in the Pacific as the Minister of Justice, I thought it was time for a little update. First thing is first though, I have a few interviews scheduled for the next few topics, to lead off with before opening to wider discussion - the first will be with Pacifican Senator Mammothistan, formerly New People of the Atlantic Alliance. Watch out for that.

Before I get started though, a bit of a shout out to Anti-Pharisaism for this post which made me laugh. Along with the Project Evil awards that I proposed for the RLA (read: ASE extending its deadly dominion at the expensive of Dobbyniania's Sex Appeal, which was admittedly negligible in the first place) it is nice to see not everyone takes everything so seriously. I am a self confessed member of the Spelling Police and I make no apology for it.

Down to business.

The 2005 Defender Summit kicked off with much aplomb; the RLA allowed The Proletariat Coalition and Allied States of EuroIslanders to send individual regional delegations, after the manner of the ADN. USK did not attend because The Mighty Pump has, if I recall correctly, gone on holidays and the other members of the RLA will be reporting back to the Central Soviet in any case. In the ASE Assembly, I proposed Dalimbar and Xha'dam as ASE reps and this was accepted, with my own name being added at the last minute when Xha'dam clarified that we could have a maximum of three representatives.

It remains to be seen what can be achieved by such a summit and annoyingly, nothing can be removed from that Summit forum, according to the host-written forum guidelines. I feel able to share one of the first comments I made regarding Defender Unity; I re-post this so that other defenders can read it and agree or disagree as is their wont.

As for 'moving the story on' a bit, I keep hearing how defenders aren't unified. Strangely the only times I've heard this are when people are criticising the political approaches and opinions of another defender organisation. On the battlefield, defenders are motivated, active and share information regularly.

Speaking as Commander of the RLAF, and I am sure Xha'dam my deputy will back me up on this when he arrives, we have never had trouble working with Equilism, The West Pacific, Renegade Islands Alliance, independent defenders who have no organisation, Pacific Defenders, EAA, Abyss, Ireland, North Pacific and a range of others.

Regarding Intelligence sharing, the running of agents requires time and effort and information is not lightly shared except with those we trust. The RLA shares IP addresses of invaders regularly - most recently with the Allied Union of Nations and with England, so far as I am aware (I am not the Director of RLA Intelligence). Information that comes from intelligence sources (insofar as defending is concerned) is put to good use. Usually it is passed along to the military and acted on, in which case it reaches many defender organisations via contact through messenger or AIM.

I have yet to see anything to convince me that defenders are divided. Within the confines of NationStates, there are people the politics of which I despise, there are people whom I cannot get along with due to personality clashes and there are those who do not trust me an inch in many respects. That said, I have in the past made requests to those players and have been asked to help out those players at update time.

If we're here to discuss how we can make defending better then we need to leave our political opinions at the door. Military commanders should be here to talk technique and the various intelligence directors should be here to discuss increasing manpower invested in penetrating the hell out of any group that steps over the line between peaceable and raider. That is the only thing which will move the story on, in my opinion."

Elsewhere in NationStates, the usual summer lull has been setting in with a few exceptions. The neutral regions are quiet though their governments are remaining active - an encouraging sign. Certain regions, which shall remain unnamed, are even looking into the founding of a completely new defender organisation, following the strict guidelines which the Emergency Auxilliary Army wrote and abided by. Given the change of tactics by raider groups such as The Jolly Roger to the use of IM programmes (rather than forums) immediately prior to update, the increasing readiness of new independent regions to fill any space in defender ranks left by the decline of certain older regions is a welcome addition to the defender arsenal.

Politically, the RLA has been as vibrant as ever. Issues such as term limits for executive positions, a full time diplomatic staff and several constitutional amendments relating to citizenship, plus an enquiry into the continued existence of the Executive Commitee have occupied the imagination and energy of all the most active members and much valuable progress has been made. In military and intelligence fields, the RLA is still fielding a lot of soldiers and a lot of agents.

With the regretable decline of the most esteemed allies of the RLA, the EAA, the ASE will soon be opening negotiations with Peaceian (a region which withdrew from the EAA to strengthen their own core of members) and with our good friend Chin-Chillas.

For once I wish I had something bad to report - it's always more juicy than constant positive affirmation. Things are going well in each of the feeder regions, in all of the best known democracies of NS and in the unaffiliated world, most are little troubled by the rumours of increasing invader activity. A few Nazis have been stirred into activity probably by the RKKA poking them with a stick to get a response, though it is nothing the RLA and her allies (soon, we hope, to include The West Pacific) can't handle. A quiet few weeks in NS it has been. I doubt it will last.


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