Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stability and Democracy: Interlude

A recent, short interview with Dilber of The West Pacific.

ES: "
Good evening Dilbs, hope all's well. I'll get right to it. Having retired as Prime Minister of The West Pacific, arguably the most powerful region in NationStates, what are you planning to do with your time?"

Dilber: *chuckles* "I like to think we're powerful, but I don't know if we're THAT powerful," *winks* "I'm staying on in The West Pacific's cabinet as Minister of Defense, and I'll be staying highly active throughout NS, though probably not as active as before. A lot of my time is going to be taken up with school, and at least for a couple months my activity level will be a bit lower. No 72 hour long sessions for me for a while. I'll try to be on at update, but that won't be possible every night. The WPLF will be getting more active again once my time frees up a bit, and you'll see us on at update a lot again." *chuckles* "If I'm ever needed, enough people have my phone number to wake me up and get me online."

ES: "I don't know if you agree with me, but it seems that following the resumption of business as usual in The North Pacific, the focus of the geo-politically important founder regions have returned to the Big Three feeder regions. What do you make of that? Is the weakness of invaders a factor?"

Dilber: "I think that currently TNP still needs to sort itself out, and as such focus shouldn't be entirely turned on it yet. I do watch it, but I'm staying out of it. I do think that focus is turning back to the big 3, and the next couple of months should be a very interesting time indeed.

I'm also not certain I agree with the "weakness of invaders" part either. Some groups are still doing quite well, and I think we need to fix this."

ES: "How are relations between The North Pacific and The West Pacific? I've heard that the leadership of TNP is indifferent - neither particularly for nor particularly against - the ADN; any comment? With the return of Thel to affairs in Lemuria, how do you judge the claims of Free4All about Thel's treason and so on?"

Dilber: "We've been letting TNP run it's own course and figure out what the hell it needs to do to get back on it's feet. We recently re-opened our embassy there, now that they have a working constitution, and I look forward to working with them a lot again. I'm indifferent towards TNP from the ADN point of view as well. They need time to get themselves sorted out, and wouldn't be suited for the ADN at this point in time. They're still infighting, and need to be focused inwards. Thel is a close friend of mine, and I respect him a lot. I haven't seen what Free put forward, so I'm honestly not sure, but I do trust Thel."

ES: "What affairs currently attract your attention world wide? With no Great Bight to deal with and apart from the day to day affairs of the West Pacific (such as the innovative radio station), which areas of the world would you say most merit attention from active and politically aware NationStates?"

Dilber: *Muses* "This is an interesting question, I'm not sure what has been attracting me. I've been following the TNP "trials" where cath and IP have been attempting to stir up trouble with the government. I've also been watching the RR carefully, due to Darius. I've been a bit out of it due to the move to college, but I'll be back into the full swing soon enough. I check up on a LOT of boards every day, so I guess I just follow everything generally. Thank you for the interview."


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