Sunday, October 09, 2005


Recently Thel D'ran and his region Lemuria put a poll in the field - to measure how many people were defenders or invaders or a third group, neutral. I've been told that, given the results, not a few people have been surprised by the numbers claiming neutrality.

Polls can be tricked on the internet of course - in theory I could vote seven times since I have seven different IP addresses. Each time someone went to check on the poll, they might vote again and it might be counted. How badly that distorts things I don't really know but I thought it would be an interesting exercise to consider what exactly neutrality is.

Best defined in the poll was 'defender' and 'invader' since everyone knows what they are. Neutrality is...not either of those things it seems. How do neutrals define themselves? What regions are neutral?

The Defenders are all pretty well known - RLA, ADN, ALL, TITO, The Pacific Defenders. So are the Raiders such as Invaders, DEN, The Jolly Roger, the Cathedral et al. Lemuria, The Pacific, Gatesville, USSR, The South Pacific, The East Pacific and The Meritocracy (in oblivion though it really currently is)...are these the 'neutral' powers? Unfortunately with the poll there is no way to tell which member of NS has voted in which column. As ever though, the comments section was enlightening as to the erudition of invaders.

Is there more to being neutral than simply not defending against invaders or not invading other regions just for kicks?


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