Monday, January 02, 2006

Leaders In Profile: Chin-Chillas

Whilst, inevitably as a socialist, my concept of 'leader' is somewhat different to those of the narrower oligarchic elitists of NationStates, all regions have their most active players. I will be interviewing some of the up and coming members of our global community sporadically over the next few months. The first is Chin-Chillas of Peaceian, a former senior military officer in the now-defunct EAA.

ES: "Good evening Chin-Chillas, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the first Leaders In Profile article. You are the leader of Peaceian - at least this is the general opinion of those outside of Peaceian - and you also play a part in Genosha, perhaps you would like to share with us what some of your roles involve and what they mean for you?"

Chin-Chillas: "Hey EuroSoviets, the pleasure is all mine. Although some may see me as the general leader of Peaceian I would argue this is not entirely the case, my involvement in Peaceian affairs however have previously been in high ranking positions and continue to be to this day. As the founder of Peaceian her development and prosperity are my highest priority. I hold the position of General Secretary, meaning in the public Senatorial elections I gained the most votes out of all the candidates. The role of General Secretary is to represent the wishes of the populace to the Central Committee, to ensure that all procedures and issues are dealt in the manner outlined by our Charter. Sentimentally of course it means so much more than that, it tells me that the nations of Peaceian still hold me in high regard and wish me to continue as a leading member of Peaceian.

"My role in Genosha however is becoming less involved, as also a founding nation there it also holds high importance to me, however as I move back into the politics of the game following a brief bout of inactivity I find my position there strained and my duties overlapping with other obligations. I plan to move into a more submissive role in which my active participation is not a necessity to the functioning of the region."

"You mention moving back into the politics of the game. Many of our readers will be aware of your commitment to the RLA, as a member of the Allied States of EuroIslanders - no doubt in some dark and dingy section of some Nasi-related forum you have been slandered as an ES-puppet - what other inter-regional obligations do you hold?"

"Of course I've been accused of being an ES-puppet, it comes with the territory of firstly being a former close RLA ally, who publicly opposed the ADN in the TRF-Grippsholm uncovering, and being a supporter of EuroSoviet's idealogy and policies on democracy and defending. It was also in fact in the exact place you've suggested.

"Along with several Ambassadorships for both the ASE and Peaceian I hold as you mentioned a seat in the RLA Central Soviet, am a Senator of the Meritocracy and was a founder of the Collective Security Agreements, these give me obligations in a number of regions. Also as the former E.A.A Deputy Commander-in-Chief I still hold many contacts and obligations to the former members, allies and protectorates who were all left out of the loop following the organisation's dissolution."

"Obviously in such a prominent role, in the CSA and the RLA and as a former C-i-C of the EAA, your contacts must be important. Can you share your opinion with us on the information-culture that exists in NationStates, on strategies for gaining information and to what extent serious players have to harvest contacts? How much of a support base is built up simply by charisma?"

"As a political simulation game charisma, much as in real life is an extremely important asset to players, although in a less intimidating atmosphere because of the lack of actual contact. It all depends on what kind of support base you plan to build, one as a neutral politician, or as a key player in invader-defender conflicts. Usually I have seen support bases being created through the precision of the military. New defender & invader groups become noticed depending on their ability to achieve their primary mission. However existing nations who are already known can build new support bases entirely through the use of charisma, former military leaders become less active in the military and build themselves a new profile through the use of charisma and politics.

"The idea that information is power is key in the nationstates game, most probably because this is an internet game and most interactions involve transferring information. Typically I have noticed that developed players delve more into the information-culture than newer players. What is the use of the military if it has no information regarding the target, or tactics of their opposing force, the fact is battles are more than ever now fought with the ability to extract and gain information, it may be this that decides the victorious.

"The gathering of information policies are as you know currently a hot topic on many regional forums. My view as a traditional staunch defender is the gathering of information plays a key role in my ability to function as a soldier, however gaining information from for example, a hostile forum must be obtained through the use of your own or an allies agent and not through the manipulation of resources who, if had the knowledge of your true intentions would oppose your actions. There are clear lines between the defensive and the offensive regardless of what some claim, we must ensure as defenders that we partake in little to none offensive action, including with the gathering of information."

"Your interpretation of the role of a defender certainly bears further analysis - particularly your views on offensive and defensive actions. Leaving aside the seemingly endless invader-defender dichotomy, would you care to make a comment on some of the more important developments in NationStates over the last few weeks? For example, the rumour that Scroll Islands is attempting to withdraw from the CDA; the collapse (again) of WesPac democracy or perhaps the renewed propaganda war between old rivals The Pacific and Nasicournia?"

"Of course I am outraged by the collapse of the West Pacific democracy, the first time opposed by some who only had the intention of assuming power themselves. The West Pacific stood as a beacon of democracy and stability to the entire Nationstates world, and a major participator in the defender community. The collapse of this utopia is a complete travesty which I am certain is felt throughout Nationstates. The new proposed constitution is to say the very least laughable, I was under the impression that revolutions such as this were intended for regional development, but The West Pacific politics seems to be reverting back to 15th Century English hierachy, which is by no means a development from a democratic super-power.

"As for the rumours of Scroll Islands withdrawal from the CDA I think there are some serious internal conflicts and contradictions that need to be discussed. Whilst officially they [Scroll Islands] claim to be neutral they house several well known defenders along with a history of membership in three different defender organisations, the most recent of which they are now attempting to withdraw from in the fight for their continued neutrality. I see it to be frank as being in the very least defender leaning but wanting to ensure invader co-operation as a protection. It's an issue that needs to be looked at further before I make any harsh or rash conclusions.

"The propaganda war between Naiscournia and the Pacific I have now completely lost interest in, at first it was interesting because of the renewed intensity of the propaganda war, however you soon grow accustomed to the flings back and forth of insulting and derogatory statements. The only difference truly between now and before is that the two regions have officially declared war. Another point which I'd like to mention, which links in with your previous question is the incident regarding the Invaders forum. This is a prime example in my eyes of the move from defensive to offensive; destroying a forum is an offensive action, especially in the way it was achieved. However I like to remain a neutral party in my reaction to this especially seeing the reaction of the RLA's peers, such as many of the prominent defender region, as a particularly rich one. As the RLA itself had condemned the actions also and launched an internal investigation, this is a fact many happen to leave out when telling the tale."

"Excellent. I always leave those I interview with a bit of a blank sheet at the bottom of each interview to discuss with readers anything that is a pet interest or a pet project for which they'd like some attention or recognition. Does anything spring to mind that you'd like to include here?"


"As the tactics between invaders and defenders become ever more hostile, I feel that those with the notion of traditional defending and the politics of true democracy need to consolidate their efforts and resources as the next few weeks and months may be difficult times. The majority of the regions I participate in such as Peaceian, Genosha and the ASE all have extremely similar politics, thus my efforts for their mutual co-operation through the creation of the Collective Security Agreements (CSA), designed to act as a support base for the development and prosperity of regional militaries and politics I feel that the participating members can benefit from eachother's experiance, interlect and ability. This also being enhanced through the similarity of these region's idealogies.

"I would also urge regions similar to those mentioned make themselves known and partake in the discussions going on between CSA regions [currently in the ASE Assembly], to establish a common ground on which to propose the base of our policies."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

RLA Intelligence Oversight Committee Enters Final Stage

The return of The Red Factions to the forum of the RLA marks the final stage of the investigation of the RLA into the intelligence fiasco that brought down censure on the organization from across the developed NationStates world. The interrogation of self-confessed prime movers The Red Factions and Ketoprofen will add the crown to an investigation determined to end the global controversy and provide answers to indignant members of the RLA itself.

So far, Committee member EuroSoviets, the General Secretary of the RLA, has published, with the consent of the Committee, interim findings which can be located here, at the lowest clearance setting of the RLA (available to newly registered members for those who wish to take a peek). Happenings in the Committee slowed to a halt during the holiday season but are expected to pick up as soon as Lanier has been replaced as an international observer.

Lanier stepped down amidst the controversy in The West Pacific and released a written statement to the RLA IOC.

"The role which I was graciously asked to fill was to be an outside observer, and though never exactly made explicit, I am sure everyone's expectations were for such an observer to approach the proceedings with complete objectivity and impartiality.

Recently, the ASE, a major part of RLA, condemned The West Pacific for our emergency actions of the past couple of weeks. This is not the place to mount a defense of our decisions, and I will not engage in that debate here. However, having searched my mind, both my thoughts and emotions, I find that I cannot continue to approach this task with the morally necessary absence of bias. Furthermore, I anticipate that because of the same reason, any report I might issue would be seen by many in the NationStates community as problematic at least.

I am saddened over the necessity of this decision. I am grateful for having been asked, and having had no previous interaction with RLA, I can only state that you are a group of intelligent folk with unquestioned commitments to participatory democracy. And, I have no doubt that you are addressing this investigation with thoroughness and in good faith.

I wish you every success, and I look forward to the day when this unfortunate rift can be healed.

Be well
Tony Patterson."

This reporter really has to respect the commitment of Lanier to finding the truth, to the point where he stepped down when he felt his own impartiality would be called into question.

Events in The West Pacific are still unfolding and Socialist Democracy will have a report on that very soon.