Sunday, January 01, 2006

RLA Intelligence Oversight Committee Enters Final Stage

The return of The Red Factions to the forum of the RLA marks the final stage of the investigation of the RLA into the intelligence fiasco that brought down censure on the organization from across the developed NationStates world. The interrogation of self-confessed prime movers The Red Factions and Ketoprofen will add the crown to an investigation determined to end the global controversy and provide answers to indignant members of the RLA itself.

So far, Committee member EuroSoviets, the General Secretary of the RLA, has published, with the consent of the Committee, interim findings which can be located here, at the lowest clearance setting of the RLA (available to newly registered members for those who wish to take a peek). Happenings in the Committee slowed to a halt during the holiday season but are expected to pick up as soon as Lanier has been replaced as an international observer.

Lanier stepped down amidst the controversy in The West Pacific and released a written statement to the RLA IOC.

"The role which I was graciously asked to fill was to be an outside observer, and though never exactly made explicit, I am sure everyone's expectations were for such an observer to approach the proceedings with complete objectivity and impartiality.

Recently, the ASE, a major part of RLA, condemned The West Pacific for our emergency actions of the past couple of weeks. This is not the place to mount a defense of our decisions, and I will not engage in that debate here. However, having searched my mind, both my thoughts and emotions, I find that I cannot continue to approach this task with the morally necessary absence of bias. Furthermore, I anticipate that because of the same reason, any report I might issue would be seen by many in the NationStates community as problematic at least.

I am saddened over the necessity of this decision. I am grateful for having been asked, and having had no previous interaction with RLA, I can only state that you are a group of intelligent folk with unquestioned commitments to participatory democracy. And, I have no doubt that you are addressing this investigation with thoroughness and in good faith.

I wish you every success, and I look forward to the day when this unfortunate rift can be healed.

Be well
Tony Patterson."

This reporter really has to respect the commitment of Lanier to finding the truth, to the point where he stepped down when he felt his own impartiality would be called into question.

Events in The West Pacific are still unfolding and Socialist Democracy will have a report on that very soon.


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